bTV Media Group
No more boring corporative presents. We saved Christmas with beer.
bTV Let’s clean Bulgaria together!
We can’t clean Bulgaria in a day, but that doesn't mean we should quit trying. That`s why in 2015 we wanted to do something different – something that gives you a reason to think.
We’ve made a lighthearted, colorful educational campaign supported in social media. We gave publicity to the problem of waste accumulation, saying that the pollution will not stop unless we stop the vicious circle of garbage... together!
Postbank A product with promising future
Commercials always promise a better future. But are there products that make life really better every month? Well, recently we had the chance to work for exactly that kind of product. The offer: you pay less every month. The product: Decreasing installments Loan from Postbank. Creating a campaign for such a good offer was easy. And it’s easy to guess what will be the future of the product – better, every month.
FRESCO Appetite from the first sight
Since April a high quality Bulgarian cheese has reentered the market shelves. Of course, we did our part in its glorious comeback. However we have to warn you that the 35-seconds video above may have some unexpected consequences – for example overwhelming hunger attacks. If you by any chance have appetite for more, check regularly the website
Postbank Saving Mortgage Loan
In the sea of bank offers, you keep your head above water only if you are a good swimmer. Postbank makes things much easier. Instead of complicated navigation rules it gives you one pragmatic solution – a shorter swimming lane. If you are tired of bank obligations, Saving Mortgage Loan gives you opportunity to take a break. To us it was an opportunity to fit the offer into a beautiful and intense 30-second video. And to reach our target on the spot.
Pepsi Summer
Salt in the air, sand in the hair. It’s the summer promo poster by Pepsi.
Postbank Credit Momento
Full of light and air, yet restrained and unpretentious – this is IKEA. And this is how we tell you that Postbank, and IKEA offer a special loan. Copy: Momento – the loan for more furniture.
Re-Act Career with a cause
How often we are satisfied with our work?

Just bring to the mind a moment, when you were happy with the fact, that you work exactly what you want on the place that you want, and it’s something worthy. It`s great!

We felt that way when we decided to work for a good cause.

We wanted to help the forum “Career with a Cause” to promote the event and to gather twice the people than the last year.

So, we succeeded. And here you can see how.
PRISUN Every food needs a smile
This year will have a smile as well! After a successful pitch, we are going to work together again with Prisun and we will continue to bring a smile to the most beautiful, and most delicious moments in our everyday life.
Penny started its first national TV ad campaign to get consumers discover its new look. The concept is based on 4 pledges – guaranteed fresh, guaranteed quality, guaranteed local, and guaranteed low cost products.

Our new campaign is guaranteed to get you.
Live the dream. Bulgaria welcomes the coolest energy drink.
Postbank Applied Bank Science
Offset mortgages are novelty for the Bulgarian mortgage market.

Actually this is the first one. Offsets work by linking your savings to your mortgage. Now how to explain this vividly, and memorably?
bTV media group Let's clean Bulgaria in a day
EFFIE 2013
The problem with garbage in Bulgaria is a typical one - we notice it, we comment on it, we revolt against it but seldom we act upon it. That is why the campaign for bTV was intended to provoke a real involvement with visible results. 12 May gave a signal for change in the social attitudes and showed garbage аs an unnatural part of the landscape, which we shouldn’t get used to in order not to leave dirty trails behind.
Postbank Get the points
You shouldn’t pin your hope on a miracle. Miracles aren’t in falling stars, or lucky horse shoes, or four-leaf clovers. Miracles don't happen. You make them happen in reality. And Postbank is here to provide you with the real solutions for the real life.
Postbank My best friend Vlado
Best friends – they are the first people we go to when we need someone to talk to. The best friends give us unconditional support because they have seen us at our best and worst and they love us either way. But above all – best friends give us honest opinions. They know us well and they are able to tell it like it is. They got your best interests at heart – and this is why you TRUST them.

We are telling the story of Vlado - a guy who is rational, attentive, reliable, stable, caring, obsessed with accuracy and punctuality.

Vlado is a prototype of the great best friend. If somebody like Vlado tells you that your new car is the right choice, your hair color is perfect or that Postbank is THE BANK to make a deposit – you simply TRUST him.
Quadrant Beverages Ltd. Christmas Promo Spot
This year too, Pepsi wished us Happy Holidays with many prizes. The refreshing magic made us wish it was always Christmas!
Credo Bonum Foundation Days of Happiness
"Days of Happiness" is a project that combines a series of lectures, film screenings, workshops, exhibitions and interactive events in the public space devoted to happiness.

Our goal was to attract participants. But how to sell happiness in a country that tops the world charts for unhappiness? We decided to stimulate dialogue.
Quadrant Beverages Ltd. Grand Party Race
EFFIE 2013
You drink Pepsi, enter the code and you’re already 200 km closer to the nightlife in Vienna. That’s how the trip begins. Grand Party Race is an online adventure where you travel virtually and party for real. The fuel is the codes under the caps.

In the TVC the girls dance in the 6 hot points – Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Ibiza. With the summer hit “Dim da me niama” we invite all of you to pack your backpacks and to be all inclusive tourists in our game.

And now we treat you to the spot that will make your day!
BBDO Group BG Summer Vacation
Last year - just like any other – BBDO Group Bulgaria took 2 weeks off for the summer. Two weeks of long hot days, short sleeves, flip flops, lemonade and blissful relaxation near the beach. But our clients could not lose contact with us, so we invented RapaPhone – the revolutionary summer phone. With elegant design, eternal battery and 100% organic shell to deliver clear, powerful signal, so you could hear the summer every time. The RapaPhone was delivered to each of our clients and partners, and it had its own product site too.
Postbank “Tranquility” Loan
"Crisis" is the word in the shadow of which the world has been living for several years now. The last thing you would do in such a time is to borrow money, while Postbank set us just that as a goal – to make a campaign for their new consumer loan.

The key to finding a solution was to stop seeing the crisis from the perspective of the financial institution and begin to look at it through peoples’ eyes. The result? It was more than optimistic.
UNICEF Bulgaria UNICEF The Silence of Today Bears the Shouts of Tomorrow
EFFIE 2010
UNICEF provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers around the world. What we needed to do was attract the attention of parents and the society to an important problem.

Did you know that if the first few years of a child's development were missed, its cognitive abilities could remain underdeveloped and its communication skills might be absent and replaced with aggression?

We created a communication campaign which included a variety of media channels and creative solutions tailored to them. As a result, The Silence of Today Bears the Shouts of Tomorrow became the most recognizable information campaign by UNICEF in the past few years.
Quadrant Beverages Ltd. ALL4CLASS
ALL4CLASS is a consumer promotion – a national competition between all high school classes in Bulgaria. The aim is to choose “The Class of the Year” which wins the Grand Prize – a trip to the USA.
BBDO Group BG X-mas Effect
At the height of reality shows and talent competitions, in the season of the most spectacular annual awards and musical premieres we created a show that did not claim anything. A show without a stage, without singing, without dancing, without make up and powder, without the need to send SMS or cry in front of your TV.

The most underrated show – X-mas Effect - was about hidden talents and humble characters. Under the terms of the competition traditional symbols as the Christmas sock, the dough for the Christmas pastry and the Christmas dance shared their dreams and aspirations. Everyone who visited the special site could be a jury – to comment, to vote and decide the destiny of our contestants. The winner was awarded the big prize – a fulfillment of a Christmas dream.
Bayer Bulgaria EOOD Alka Seltzer Prom Night 2009
EFFIE 2010
It’s a magic pill praised in rock anthems; it’s rescue for millions after a night of fun; it’s a legendary client for whom we created a thematic advertising campaign using Prom season.

In Bulgaria Alka-Seltzer is positioned as a hang-over cure. So, our communication appeared during the Bulgarian Prom period. Prom Night 2009 relates with the lifestyle at this time of year – binge drinking and hung-over mornings.
Nova Broadcasting Group AD Calendar – Always From the Spot
The insight for the campaign came from extensive national research on viewers' attitudes and opinions about TV news. People preferred "Calendar" - the news program of NOVA TV, because it offered "hot" news and investigations. An interviewee said that the program did something " others can’t – it is always where it should be” – just as an emergency task force.
Piccadilly AD Piccadilly without plastic bags
EFFIE 2009
They are everywhere. They fly; they hang; they float around. Plastic bags are so convenient and temporary, aren't they?

Yes, you use it for just a few minutes, but the plastic bag in your hand needs 500 years to degrade. That’s why, Piccadilly store chain asked its clients to switch to reusable eco-friendly bags instead of plastic ones. The result of our communication was more than optimistic – the use of eco-bags jumped with 60% above the targeted goal.
Nova Broadcasting Group AD Calendar – The Whole Truth
Calendar is the news emission of NOVA TV. Its mission is to seek the truth behind the news. How can we demonstrate that?

We turned the news anchors into heroes devoted to a single cause – the truth. The shocking visuals with them questioning corrupt politicians and businessmen were discussed for weeks – even by competitive media. The slogan "The Whole Truth" became a trademark of NOVA TV.
BR Management OOD easyHotel Sofia
Why pay for a big TV when you never watch it? Do you need a pool, if you came sightseeing or to do some business? Do you want room service if you are just passing through? What you really need is a clean, cheap room with neat bed and a soft pillow.

easyHotel knew what you need. It was the first low-budget hotel in Bulgaria and our task was to tell that to people. We had a very tight budget and we needed precise targeting so we could turn it into the most visited hotel for a short stay in Sofia.
Moto Pfohe BG EOOD Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Volvo XC90 is a nimble and powerful beast – press the pedal to the metal and play with the elements.